Patrick R. Ruehle, DDS,
3490 Teasley Lane
Denton, TX 76210

Phone: (940) 566-4888
Metro: (940) 243-1557

Family Dentistry in Denton, TX

Imagine... a quiet relaxing home-style atmosphere, nestled amongst the shade trees. A little country or light classical rock tune is playing in the background. Quality dental care, performed for you by a staff that wants you to have optimum dental and physical health for a lifetime.

The dental office has become a kinder, gentler place. We genuinely care and our dental team is trained to help put people at ease with:

  • A welcoming atmosphere and relaxed environment;
  • Comfortable non-surgical procedures including drill-less, no shot restorations,
  • Natural looking porcelain crowns completed in one visit,
  • Broken or decayed teeth can be repaired to give you that Confident Smile Makeover.

It doesn’t matter what your age or how long it’s been since your last dental visit, you can still experience:

  • A confident and attractive smile; with whiter teeth;
  • Healthy teeth and gums and also fresh breath.

You will look and feel better. You can eat whatever you would like. You will have the smile you've been dreaming of, and you will smile and communicate with confidence.

Yours in good health,

Patrick R Ruehle, DDS


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Preventive care and oral cancer exams for patients of all ages. Waterlase MD and Dr. Ruehle are providing no-shot, no-pain fillings, deep cleanings, extractions, laser endodontic care. One-visit beautiful crowns and veneers Confident bridges, partials and removeable appliances Wisdom teeth extractions.


Patrick R Ruehle DDS

  • Specializing in:
  • Advanced Technology and Comfortable Care
  • Serving Denton County and North Texas
  • Children's Dentistry to Senior Dental Care
  • Preventive Family Dental Care
  • Cosmetic, Whitening, Periodontal and Endodontic Care
  • All Laser Assisted for Maximum Patient Benefits
Dentist Denton, TX


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