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Goals of Life

Pat Ruehle DDS

A long and meaningful life. A loving and caring family. A career that we enjoy. An ability to help others in need. Good Health.

We all have many different goals in life. My wife and I set out to achieve these goals and many others and ended up here in South Denton in the fall of 1999. As with life in general, there are always bumps along the way. I saw a sign once that stated: “The road to success is always under construction.” You no more solve one dilemma and you are presented with a new one. For us, as with many of you, these challenges and joys are quite often called: Health, Careers, Home, KIDS, etc…

I remember in Dental School, we were learning to give injections. We started with oranges and progressed to relatives and then real patients. The major lesson was: “Yeah, it hurts – so what”. From that day on I sought out to prove them wrong, as did many of my colleagues. Dentistry does not have to hurt. There are occasionally times when we cannot accomplish this 100%. Dentistry is like many things in life, the earlier you tackle the problem, the more frequent the maintenance, the more caring the professional, the less discomfort and expense there will be. Dentistry has changed a lot over the years and thank goodness, the attitude of: no pain, no gain is a thought of the past, not the present.

My family and I have tried to build an office and a team of caring professionals to assist our patients in achieving optimum dental and physical health for a lifetime. If you have a dental care provider, see them regularly. If you are in need of a place to call your dental care home, we would be honored to serve your needs.

Patrick R. Ruehle DDS

Patrick Ruehle DDS

Dr. Pat Ruehle, DDS,

Dr. Pat Ruehle and his wife, both grew up in Duncanville, Texas and graduated from Duncanville High School. After graduating from Texas A & M University, Cum Laude, with a B.A. in Biology, he attended Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas. Dr. Ruehle graduated from Baylor in 1983 and associated with Dr. Rodney Teague, in Duncanville, for three years before assuming the practice when he retired. He and his family enjoyed 16 years in Duncanville with their three kids, but decided to relocate to the Denton area in 1999 for school purposes.

While practicing dentistry for the last 28 years, Dr. Ruehle has attended hundreds of hours of continuing education covering all aspects of general dentistry. These courses include cosmetics, minimally invasive, painless laser dentistry, oral surgery, advanced restorative dentistry, sedation, oral pathology, prosthetics, and numerous others. In addition, he has been recognized by the World Clinical Laser Institute (WCLI), and with Fellowship awards by the Misch Institute for Advance Implant Dentistry, the American College of Oral Implantologists, and the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. Dr. Ruehle has also been a presenter for Laser technology at the Southwest Dental Conference. He is a member of the American Dental Association, the Texas Dental Association, the American Academy of General Dentists, and the Denton County Dental Association.

Dr. Ruehle enjoys spending time with his family, watching and coaching their various teams, and he loves baseball and pole vaulting. He feels it is a great joy to help someone become healthier and to see their confidence soar after they have had cosmetic dental care.

Dena, Office Manager

Dena joined our staff in September of 2005. She brings many years of medical office management experience. She moved to our area from Pennsylvania and has greatly enjoyed the milder weather and makes greater use of her convertible now.  She has picked up the "ya'll" and a few other

Dena resides in Highland Village with her husband Matt, and has three children ranging in age from 20 to 27, and 3 grandchildren, that all live in Pennsylvania.

She handles all the insurance questions and concerns, our billing and our staffing. She is great at all the complicated, intricate concerns regarding our patients care and insurance. Can't figure out those confusing EOB's? Dena will help you make sure your insurance coverage is benefiting you to the utmost.

Pam, Business Manager

I have been working in our office since Dr. Ruehle arrived in 1999. Sometimes I am up front, sometimes in a back corner. I handle the accounts payable, payroll, and assist the office administrative staff wherever needed. I love getting to know our patients, their concerns, and making sure that our focus is always about you and your care, not the teeth or the insurance company.

My background is not dental, even though I have been to a “million hours” of dental continuing education. I try to look at our world of dental care from the patient’s perspective and make sure everyone is speaking English, not "Dental-ese." Let me know if you have any suggestions or concerns, I’ll do my best to take care of you as if you were my grandmother, friend, or my kids.

TK Stastny, Appointment Book Coordinator

TK is serving as our Hygiene coordinator. She will make your cleaning and perio maintenance appointments, as well as assist our hygienists. If you have any dental phobias, TK has been there. We first met her after her toddler son broke off one of her teeth with a toy. After a root canal, crown and some surgery for some teeth that were in ODD places, she decided that she would stay. We enjoy having this Krum native, around as she understands people’s fears, believes in optimal dental health, and she literally has been there, and done that.

In her spare time, TK is riding herd on her two small children. You will find her around Krum cheering on her son at football, basketball or where ever the sport of the season is, and taking care of dance lessons for her precious little girl.

Amanda Reiter, BS, RDH

Amanda graduated from TWU and has made her home in Era with her husband Todd, her twins and new born baby. Helping people to be comfortable and unafraid when working with their mouths, so that they can keep their natural teeth, and stay as healthy as possible are the goals that she and our office strive for each day.

She and her husband have a farm outside of Era and stay busy taking care of cows, moving tractors and bailing hay and the what-not.  She says she loves the country and our new home they just completed.  They have three new hobbies  - TWINS plus one.  "Free Time - I forgot what that was, but our girls are such a blessing as I know your kids are also".

Jamie, Dental Assistant

Jamie joined our practice in the summer of 08 after having been a patient here.  Her bubbly and caring demeanor are wonderful.  She has been a quick learner and has become a great assistant, mainly due to her wonderful caring nature.  I think you will love having Jamie assist you with your care she understands the fears and is can knowledgeable in all faucets of dental care.

Hobbies.... Who has time for that?   Jamie has two delightful children and stays busy chasing them around as do all of you moms. 

Libbie Stegal, RDH

Libbie went to hygiene school with Amanda and graduated from TWU in 2006. She is meticulous at her profession and will make sure you stay as healthy as possible. Libbie understands how your oral health is so intertwined with your physical health and will always have your best interest at heart.

Libbie and her husband Eric have recently completed renovations on their first home. In her spare time she enjoys photography and traveling the world.

Beth Lambert, RDH

Beth received her degree from Oklahoma, but we like her anyway. She has been with us off and on, going on 7 six years now.  Her family moved away for business purposes and moved back because they missed Denton, and friends. We were so pleased and she now works two days a week and helps us out when we need extra help, or when our other hygienists are out. Beth has four children so she stays busy with everything from Elementary to College concerns. She loves dentistry and being able to assist patients with their oral health.

Mandi, Registered Dental Assistant

Mandi joined our team in April of 2010. She has been assisting since 2006, and was named “Most Outstanding Extern” out of her graduating class from High Tech Institute. Mandi has extensive training in all faucets of dentistry.  She is very knowledgeable, knows most of the whys and wherefores of dentistry and would love to assist you with any questions or concerns. 

Mandi enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and of course her little Yorkie, Kingston. Say hi if you see her kickin up her heals dancing or cheering on her favorite team the Rangers.


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